Monday, October 16, 2017

Cashify my Mom's Smile

This is amazing. This is awesome … This works like magic for me … Don’t think , just go for it … Match made in heaven … Perfect fit.

Marriage and Electronic devices are 2 things on which everyone has an opinion to share.  When I planned to buy a laptop and asked for feedback from my colleagues , Everyone gave 10/10 marks and told me to go for it .Overwhelmed by  the response , I instantly ordered the machine online and planned almost 30-40 activities I will perform once it get delivered .
Then Reality striked , when after 3-4 days of use , machine started slowing down . First I thought it’s a usual process of adaptation, but the revival never happens. I made few calls to customer care and even multiple rounds to service centre but all was in vain. When I discussed those issue with my colleagues who recommended this machine in first place, another shock was served. None of them has ever used this laptop and not even saw anyone using it . Just like when bachelor says “Get married dude, it’s one of a lifetime experience “when in person they have not felt the real side. Actually, When I shared with them the Laptop model, they all googled and referred the same paid review post appearing on Page 1 of search engine. So the brand SEO strategy striked the deal making them all believe that world has all praise for their devil in saint costume laptop  .

This SEO strategy and so called ROLE model Tech geek paid reviewers caused me loss of 45K on an bull-shit laptop. After a while, I kept it aside and fortunately I got a new job and came a new machine.
An entire year the laptop was sitting right below my desk almost being invisible to my eyes till diwali happened. My mom , who once in a while decide to audit my room and which generally happens when diwali approaches .Unwillingly , I have to provide an all access pass to my room as she is the home and finance minister of our house .

“ If I remember rightly , You bought this machine last year around same time and seems like it has hardly been used “ 

‘ Yes Mom , There were some issue with his laptop and I don’t use it anymore and I just want to igone it “ “ So forget it and keep it somewhere in almirah , I will think of it later “
“ Son , I know you “ “ Once , Something goes out of your mind and heart , it never comes back . This has been happening during your childhood even with the toys. So better find good use of it and get over, else every year this conversation will be repeated “
“Ok , Your wish is my command . I will get it done in next 7 days before diwali “.

Promise has been made, but this one was hard to be kept. I asked everyone in my close family and friends circle if someone is looking for a laptop. But, in age of fast changing technology people only want to buy gadgets with latest specifications. So, the response was almost Nil with 1-2 random people planned to buy it at PRICE OF Junk.
Online , Offline and even on the gossip line , the days was getting over and so was the patience . Finally , I saw an advertisement in newspaper of an exchange offer . Where they were allowing exchange of anything in return for an discount on new induction cooker .. “ Laptop for cooker ??? Really .. “

But as deadline was about to get closed , I took this deal and got 4,500 discount on new induction stove worth 7500 .
Deal has been done and price has been paid . in 1 year my 45K became 4.5 k and left me with lot of bitterness in my mind .

I gave this induction stove to my mom as gift and when she told me that she has been thinking of getting this one for past 1.5 year , all bitterness washed out with pinch of sweetness from smile on her face . Finally , I made peace with this 1.5 year old mistake and at least my laptop earned me something valuable in the end. 

If you are planning to sell your phone or Laptop better you Cashify it on  and get the best deal and money within 24 hours .. Yes it's true and even extra INR 250 if you use " Cleancash " as code in deal section .

Friday, October 14, 2016

OnePlus Online Store starts operation in India

Chinese company Oneplus , has announced the launch of its own exclusive online store  in India. The store  is planned to offer personalized shopping experience , while ensuring Indian users to get  genuine Oneplus products from its store .. 

Although currently , you can only buy accessories from their store . If you click to purchase Handset " Oneplus 2  " or " Oneplus 3  " , the page is redirected to AMAZON INDIA for completing purchase process. 

After comparing prices on Oneplus store and amazon , I found Amazon is selling the same accessories at heavy discount compared to brand website . So users may still benefit more by directly buying from amazon , but this gap may be covered in future  .

Hopefully , once the mechanism gets in place . We can expect Oneplus store to replicate the success seen by another Chinese counterpart Xioami .Where , Xioami is planning to sell Cellphones to fitness band to air purifier and even TV, Fridge in future . 

Check out the first look of their store at or click here 

Diwali Crackers from Xiaomi - Sale on Online Store

Xiaomi is hosting a  three-day sale on its online store from 17 - 19th Oct 2016 as a run-up to Diwali  . 
Company plans to offer discount ranging from INR 500 - INR 3000 on following devices  namely  Redmi 3S, 3S Prime, Redmi Note 3 (16GB), Redmi Note 3 (3GB + 32GB), Mi Max and MI 5 .
Even phone accessories  like Headphones , power bank , Bluetooth speakers are offered under discount or under bundled deals like  Mi Band 2 & USB Fan for INR 1999 only .

Mi Air Purifier will also make his debut on online store at listed price of INR 9,999 .
To grab attention and pre-registration for sale , " GO SMASH " , a games has been launched on its site where users can earn points and even win discount coupon . 

But Biggest crowd-puller is going to be the INR 1 flash-sale which will be hosted at 2 PM on all 3 days of sale for limited number of devices and accessories .

Checkout more details at or click here 

Friday, June 3, 2016

New Car Launch - Datsun REDI Go

“ Fun. Freedom. Confidence.  The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. “

Yes ..This is the Punchline which has been driving around on various Electronic /Social/Print Media by DATSUN. Creating stage for a MEGA BLOCKBUSTER launch for car designed from Stretch " REDI - Go " ...  As they are known to be managing small car segment for NISSAN, they stand to try and compete for a decent market-share where household name is MARUTI and HYUNDAI .. 

Biggest Pull for this segment of buyers was considered to be FUEL Efficiency and every automobile manufacture has been trying to push down several features just to get some extra Kmpl numbers. But datsun decide to bring differentiation and it’s obvious with the color choice “Fluorescent”, Bright side of Green which really looks refreshing to eyes.

Some of the features which set this car apart from its competitors are: 

  • Design, Design & Design-  Sporty Attitude with a wide stance, YUKAN design Philosophy to make the car look compact yet spacious ,Enhanced Head & Tail design Lamps with add of DRL (Day running Lights) to improve visibility in daytime give car a premium look. As saying goes “ First Impression is the last impression “ and this car gaves look of a jolly cool , complicated yet humors  Urban go getters which waits for none .
  • Safety - Hard shell , Air bags  , force absorbing bolster support from improved seating experience with less strain on spine ,  intelligent electronic power steering gives makes this city car a well-balanced package to drive care free on roads .
  • Comfortable drive - With option of 5 speed Transmission, very small and gentle 4.7-metre turning radius gives freedom of a comfortable drive equally on highways to mud roads. Even it has 185 MM of Ground clearance which can drive neck to neck with any SUV on off road drives.
  • DATSUN PRO-SAFE 7 – Right from Shortest braking distance to UN94 crash performance compliant to High strength body shell with high Torsional Rigidity and stiffness. It checks all the right boxes on being safe car for its passenger.  
  • Opti View - To provide Wider view of the road and surroundings to the driver to get enhanced visibility on the road, It has 36 degree of Upper and lower viewing angle . Benefit of this is best -in-class visibility with higher eye point to steer clear of debris or obstacles on the road and reduce bumpy ride.
  • I-SAT ENGINE -  (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) Engine moderates the spark timing automatically  in response to fuel quality and power requirement. This gives you a knocking-free, smooth performance and even gives indication of Gear shifting on Car panel to optimize fuel efficiency.

Overall this Japanese package has zip and zap of a fun driving car, with freedom to drive without worrying about safe or fuel efficiency. Hope this cross over with driving fun of Hatchback and durability of a SUV hits the right spot and lives on the expectation of the market and create the niche DATSUN is looking to make out in INDIAN automobile segment. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Next Gen MOTO G exclusively on AMAZON - May 17

Yes .... It's confirmed !! Shifting From Flipkart to AMAZON , Motorola ( now a Lenovo owned brand ) will be launching next gen MOTO G version on upcoming tuesday i.e. 17th May and this handset will be exclusively be sold on AMAZON .

This is a major shift of strategy and shows strong foothold of Amazon over Flipkart .

Exact configuration and details would be revealed after launch , but the company has been running a teaser campaign across social media over issues related to " Slow " &  "Shaky " Phones  with hashtag #missingout .

Notification on Official Twitter Page .

Let's see if this upgrade can generate the sales figures captured by previous version .

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Gold Mornings

Mornings are beautiful...

Morning’s serenity feel senses amazing. What’s actually hidden in the morning which actually makes one full of optimism, full of radiance to begin a day with?

Well according to me, the beauty nature bastion upon us every day goes completely unexplored every morning

Bluish sky, orange rays emerging amongst the sky, right mind lowing away the green leaves of the tress across my window, lovely parrots, pigeons playing pee-a-boo and getting engaged to begin their day with!

Well such a calmness, tranquility is what gives a sense of assurance in me to live the day happily , to thank god for blessing me with another day & pledging to shine with all around me .
Further these good mornings are often converted to gold mornings when I adore the nature sipping with a cup of coffee and I have my kid sitting beside me with lots and lots of question on our mother earth. On this nature, well so much is hidden in this beauty which can be narrated to give a positive direction in one’s life {I realized this post answering the questions of my kid}.

This 30 min session is usually followed with meditation & yoga to preserve the energy gathered, to bring some peace in life before start of a hectic day.

Not just these, a fresh morning breathe is equally important to self. So the credit for my gold morning goes to Colgate . With Colgate toothpaste Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush & its recently launched charcoal bristled “ Gold brush “ , which not only converts Good to GOLD Morning  , but also gives a sense of smoothness , a sense of freshness , a sense of purity & a sense of cleanliness 

Check out the product and it’s your turn to get your GOLD MORNINGS with #Colgate360GoldMornings !

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Impact of Solar Power

As we look around from  Metro city to Tier-1 to tier- 2 and lately to country side, the number of hours electricity is available reduces from 24 hours / day to 2-3 hours a day.  Although  situation are better in state like Gujarat , Uttrakhand but states like Uttar Pradesh , Bihar , Jharkhand observe regular frequent power cuts which runs in days .
Most affected by this problem are not Corporate which may run their operations on Diesel Generator or Urban household who have Energy Storage devices (Power Inverter – Batteries) but farmers whose main source of income is agriculture and for which they need to Run Water Pumps.
In villages, the power shortage is severe and despite government assurance’s, the availability of power during peak season of harvest remain as low as 1-2 hours. Due to which,  the dependability of farmers on monsoon is very high and possibility  to have multiple crops during a year using irrigation facility remains a dreams resulting in poor yield per square hectare of land per year .
Sun is an Infinite source of power which has been available to us since inception of life on the earth. .We have been trying  to use the sun rays in by converting it into different forms of energy as required …But a decade before , Conversion of Sun Irradiation directly into electricity was a technology available in labs only under testing condition due to High cost investment and low efficiency . But with continuous R&D work and Wide scale Production, Technology has evolved to adopt this at Mass level and available to all for use .
This tech is proving a BOOM for agriculture sector and in India the adaptation is growing faster than ever. The Reason is farmers can install the system at their farm/roof and can use to lift water from underground and run it’s drip irrigation system. As India have almost 300 Sunny days in major of states and for duration starting from morning 9 am – 5 pm, when the load demand is maximum.
These solar systems reduce the dependency of consumer on govt. to provide connection and timely electricity. This system will help farmers with having multiple crops in a year with better water availability to grow them. Also Solar system can be used to charge Batteries in idle day’s which can help run Fan/Lights/Computer/mobile at home.
So these Solar power pump goes way beyond the usual benefit and help in bring education , better healthcare facility , improved living condition , better source of income and connectivity to outer world . Solar Power is clean source of energy and it maintain the ecological balance of Land without need of any rehabilitation and can be harnessed at point of consumption without need of running kilometer length or transmission or distribution lines .
We are bound to see multiple application of Solar power including Nuclear/Coal Plants be soon be replaced by Solar farms ,  Steam generation , Hybrid Vehicles and Small application like Mobile charger , Water Purifier , Solar Fan , Solar Fencing etc.
This revolution has already been started taken place at grass root level and this gives ray of hope. An optimism that sector employing majority of Indian Population is bound to get upgraded, impacted and that too in Green form with betterment in their source of income.

Solar power has the capability to impact every aspect of life and all in positive way. 

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.